About Us

Your child is unique, possessing different strengths, and weaknesses from their peers, and should be treated as an individual.  Your child will be allowed to proceed at their own pace, creating a security in their own accomplishments.

Children reach their full potential when operating in an environment that is conducive to learning. Our classrooms and activity centers offer opportunities for your child to explore their creativity, problem solving, decision making and intellectual skills. We will provide activities and instruction for the development of pre-math, pre-reading and language skills.

The social development of your child is of the utmost importance. Social skills will be reinforced through positive role modeling, instruction, and correction. Children also need physical activity everyday, and a time to be physically active will be included in our daily activities, including outside play, weather permitting.

The emotional well being of your child is extremely important as well. We will provide an environment in which your child feels safe and secure. We will encourage each child to discover their self-worth through daily opportunities to succeed, and to increase their self-esteem through confidence in their language and social skills.

Your child's behavior is affected more through positive methods of discipline than through negative discipline. It is our goal to teach and instill self-regulation and respect for self and others. Neither physical, nor mental methods of discipline will be used.

The most important relationship in your child's life is that with his or her parents. We encourage communication between parents and caregivers, and we conduct our hours with an 'open door policy', encouraging parent visits and input. We feel it is better not to discuss your child in his presence except to offer praise and reinforcement. Private conference time is always available with arrangements.